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Party Hard in Cabo for $60 a Night at Tesoro Resort

December 9, 2008 at 4:21 PM | by | ()

Aside from our own misgivings about Mexico, this deal is perfect for the recently laid-off employee who wants to drown their sorrows in tequila, sand and tanning oil. Tesoro Resorts in Cabo are offering "crash" rooms for $60 a night. Why do they call them "crash" rooms? Because dummy, that's all you are going to need them for. The rest of the time you will probably be drinking your face off. Case in point, this copy is straight from the hotel website:

Tesoro is stumbling distance to all the best bars and restaurants in Los Cabos including No Worrys, Cabo Wabo, Body Shot Nightclub, and Nowhere Bar.

And if you're lucky hopefully you won't be crashing in your own room, eh? Also being black out drunk helps you forget that you're in a $60 hotel room in Mexico.

Use code word "crash" for bookings from now until February. 28, 2008.

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blackout like britbrit

haha, i was about to comment on the fact that $60 hotel rooms in mexico should terrify anyone... but i think you proposed an excellent solution.