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Best New Hotel Service :: Andaz's Reader in Residence

December 31, 2008 at 9:38 AM | by | ()

Here at HC HQ, when we're not gossiping about hoteliers, stalking upcoming hotels or scouring the interwebs for good deals, we're busy contemplating all the creative new amenities and services properties around the world are offering up. In 2008, we've giggled about Sand Valets (who will turn your lounge chair to make sure you're situated in optimal sunning position) and we've rolled our eyes at Running Concierges. But it's safe to say that no hotel service quite got us going quite like Hyatt Andaz's Reader in Residence (at the London property), Damian Barr.

As Andaz's Reader in Residence, Damian comes to work clad in PJ's (his uniform), and hoofs it to guest's rooms upon request to read from any book the guest selects from an extensive menu of novels and such.

When we met him back in October, he was kind enough to inform us that he's got a couple ground rules: he will not stay in your room for more than an hour. He will not sit on the bed (chair only -- no snuggling). And he will absolutely, positively not do any voices. Though he assures us that no guest has gotten inappropriate on him, he still reminded us that hotel security was always on standby cause, like, you never know how a guest is going to respond to a reading (ooo, scandalous...kinda).

The service is cool, it's creative and it's totally unusual — but mostly the Reader in Residence is our fave because we'd be happy to have him read to us any day of the week.

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