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All-Star Map :: Andre Balazs' Real and Rumored Hotels

December 31, 2008 at 11:45 AM | by | ()

We're very visual people and we assume all hotel geeks are as well — so when we've got a whole bunch of info about hotels in an area, we map 'em all for you so you can see the big picture. We've been all over the maps this year (again with the wordplay!), and it was tough to pick a fave among hits like our Thompson Hotels Map charting the progress of the rapidly-growing chain; our Beijing Olympics Map, our Malibu Beach Hotels map and the definitive guide to the hotels you should hit up in Carmel... but one came out on top for us: hottie hotelier Andre Balazs' Real and Rumored Hotels Map.

We promise we're not just picking this just because we heart Andre (we pink heart him, in fact), but Balazs' hotels — the Standard properties among them — have consistently been the most fun for us to gossip about ... not to mention the board-game-esque rush we get from mapping out all the rumored hotels around Manhattan and separating fact from Page Six column fodder.

Another hotel near the Standard NYC? Or was it just a private club? A Sin City hotel for Sir Balazs? So many questions — and we did our best to dig up the truth. Yup, we did the dirty work (and the mapping!) so you didn't have to. You're welcome, Andre fans.

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