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2008 Must Have Amenity :: High-Tech Recreational Toys

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2008 Must-Have Hotel Amenity: High-Tech Recreational Toys

2008 was not the year for one hot new amenity. It was the year for several hot new amenities. Hotels are no longer content with providing you a flat-screen TV, an iHome iPod docking station or even a sex-kit in the mini-bar. This year hotels went above and beyond to show you dear guests just how much cool stuff they can put into a room.

2008 saw the introduction of the Hotel Sax's 6th Floor Studio which comes with Rockband, Guitar Hero and anything else you can play on the XBox 360 gaming console. Marriott Hotels and Westin Hotels struck partnerships with Nintendo's Wii system. Some are offered in-room, others are offered in the hotel's fitness center.

More hot amenities after the jump!

The Algonquin Hotel in New York proved itself to be an early adopter of technology allowing guests to rent a Kindle during their stay. The Mondrian South Beach introduced TiVos into its guest rooms so you shall never miss a show while you're away. Even when you're away from your hotel room.

The Malibu Beach Inn is anticipating the widespread use of the iPhone (which is now sold in Walmart by the way) with its Malibu Beach Inn iPhone application. Using this system allows you to order up room service, have valet bring around your car or look for restaurant suggestions without ever talking to anyone in the hotel.

An even costlier new hotel amenity? Outfitting rooms with iMacs. But we'll gladly use the ones in the business centers (like at the Good Hotel) as well as MacBooks (like at the SLS Hotel.)

And of course, since hotels are offering all these fancy gadgets for you to play with--not to mention you will probably bring your own anyways--one of the requisite new amenities for 2008 is the Plug-in Panels. No more crawling under the desks or removing nightstand lamps from their outlets just so you can charge your cellphone. Hotels have begun offering easier ways to power up your stuff. Expect to see more of all of the above in 2009.

That concludes Part 1 of the 2008 HotelChatter Awards Show. Tune in tomorrow for more!

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