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Steve Wynn Exposes Inner Daredevil To Promote Encore Las Vegas

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December 3, 2008 at 1:11 PM | by | Comment (1)

If you didn't know, we're getting extremely excited for the opening of Encore Las Vegas, Steve Wynn's follow-up to his hugely successful Wynn Las Vegas. The opening date is not until Dec. 22nd but we will probably be writing something about Encore every day until then, starting with the making of the Encore website video.

If you head over to EncoreLasVegas.com (or if you don't want to wait for that to load, go here) you will see a video of Steve Wynn sitting atop the corner of the top of Encore which is 675 feet above ground. Naturally, you assume that this is a green-screen trick. Wynn is kinda old and that is really high up. But Encore wants to let you know that Steve Wynn was actually sitting atop the resort's precipice.

This behind-the-scenes YouTube video shows Steve and Hollywood director Brett Ratner filming the commercial which was shot from a helicopter as Steve sat on the building. As far as we can tell, Wynn is not wearing a harness of any sort and those helicopter blades are only like three feet away from his face. Oy! Our heart just stopped a little thinking about that.

Of course, Wynn had some practice as he did a similar thing for the Wynn's opening. God bless him! Maybe he can teach us how to overcome our fear of heights (which by the way, is something we just acquired in our 29th year. Sheesh.)

Note: And yes, we will be commenting on the follow-up video soon where Steve talks about Encore and what's inside all the while sporting a purple v-neck sweater.

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totally thought that was a green screen!! what if he fell down?? and that purple sweater.. yea. what was he thinking.

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