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Pants Drop, Panties Stay On at Cooper Square

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December 19, 2008 at 1:37 PM | by | ()

Happy Friday — here's a half-nudie lady in the window of the Cooper Square Hotel!

Really, though: last Friday, a Curbed tipster was peering across the street at the just-opened Cooper Square Hotel (it had been open for two days at that point), and imagine said tipster's surprise when he (or she) caught a glimpse of a half-bare booty shaking in a guestroom window.

Apparently, someone was doing some kind of photoshoot that didn't involve wearing pants. And it could be seen from the street.

Did someone quickly discover the pretty views from the guestroom and decide the CSH would be a prime location for a photo sesh, or are these photos going to be part of an upcoming marketing campaign for the hotel itself?

Or maybe they just had the heat turned up too high. Or opening kinks. Or "we got our panties in a wad over the opening, but she didn't." The jokes, they just write themselves.

[Photo: Curbed]

Archived Comments:

was this a real photoshoot?

or was someone just bopping around in their knickers for kicks? not that i would judge them. i bop around in my own knickers every day. then again, no one can see me. not unless my webcam is on and streaming. also, i fully expect said girl in picture to email me and kindly remove her picture from our site.


Totally looks like a magazine shoot. But for who?

kinda looks like

maria sharapova, but they'd only be shooting pictures of her stupid dog like they do in those horrific canon commericals

i will just put this out there

sometimes photoshoots do not involve ads or fashion magazines if you get my drift.


you dont spend enough time looking at photos that arent for ads or fashion magazines, if you get my drift.  girls in those kinds of pictures never wear undies that provide that much coverage

love it.

can we just appreciate 2 facts:

  1. girl expressing herself - don't care what she's doing honestly, but we need more of this.
  2. person who happened to be staring at the hotel... ALL DAY.

maybe the hotel can't afford curtains/drapes yet so they have her as a stand-by?


right?? let's hope whoever snapped this pic either lives or works in the building across the street and keeps these pictures coming.

LOL for realz

@IamDanny: unlike most of the time when i write LOL i actually laughed out loud for you danny. and @bangerang, the "photoshoots" i usually look at involve naked men.