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Is the Muse Hotel's Canine Concierge America's Next Top Dog?

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December 17, 2008 at 1:10 PM | by | ()

You know how Kimpton Hotels go ga-ga over their hotel pets, dressing them up in silly tuxedos and such? Well, the Muse Hotel in New York is pretty convinced they are dealing with a very special dog (of course, we all feel that way about our dogs). The hotel has submitted their canine concierge, Ginger, in the USA Today Top Dog Contest and she made the Top 20 cut!

The contest is being held to promote the release of Marley and Me and the winner will apparently get the recognition of being America's Top Dog. Voting ends this Friday, December 19th so if you want to get you vote in, do it now. We like Ginger because unlike those other dogs, she has a real job. And yes, we are partial to people who work with hotels for a living.

Archived Comments:

dynamite dog

you should've submitted that picture of your dog with the dynamite.  

what the hell is a canine concierge?  i guess it's the same thing to recommend humping and eating.


OK Juliana, you should have submitted your Frenchie. But this puppy is cute. Extra points for fluffiness.

America's Next Top Dog

As you can tell by my personal avatar, I think our dog is quite the mutt.  Unlike his four-legged pals at Kimpton/Muse, however, he prefers to go nude.

that dog IS Cute

so fluffy. i love those dogs. tank is still the cutest. just in case you want more: http://tankthedog.blogspot.com

come on now

your DOG has a blog? this is just getting out of hand

did you click it?

i bet you did.


ok yeah i did


Bachelor the Golden Lab at the Ritz Bachelor Gulch @ Beaver Creek, CO  finally has some competition.  He is going to be soooo busy over the holidays with the opening of Marley and Me!