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AC's Borgata Lays Off 400 Workers

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November 7, 2008 at 11:32 AM | by | ()

Some shocking news today from Atlantic City--The Borgata Hotel and Casino has laid off 400 workers due to the rough economy.

Rob Stillwell, a spokesman for Boyd Gaming, the co-owner of the Borgata, said the layoffs were the first in the casino's five-year history. "We did everything we possibly could to avoid this," he said. "But the economy is just too bad right now."

400 employees is a lot, although some 7,000 still remain. Borgata is not the only one conducting layoffs. The chain of Harrah's hotels in Atlantic City has also laid off several hundred employees in recent months.

Meanwhile, the future of AC is not looking so bright. Revenues in September were down 15.1 percent and the casinos have put off enacting a smoking ban so as to not hurt further business.

And here we thought that maybe more and more East Coasters would head to AC because Vegas was too pricey and involved pricey airfare. Now, there's less Borgata babes to wait on us.

Would you pick AC over Vegas as a way to save money or are you not gambling at all, no matter where? Let us know what you think.

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Add another cost-cutting measure to the list: I didnt get any comped rooms, comp dollars or free dinners this month like I usually do. ECONOMY COME BACK!!!

Won't happen so fast

I've been spending a lot of time watching CNBC lately {trying to manage what's left of my so-called portfolio}. Two things stand out: 1) they usually get it right; 2) if they get it right this time, we've got another year of this. Which means more layoffs, fewer openings and the number of entries on the Crazy Hotel Workers blog will skyrocket. Too bad it's not a stock.

No comparison to Vegas

I live in NYC a 2 hour and 15 minute drive to Atlantic city.
I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination. It is far cheaper for me to fly to Vgeas and stay in a Vegas hotel than to drive to Atlantic city.

My Reasons:
1 - Vegas has far more class - no comparison

2 - Buffets are far better and cheaper with more food and dessert choices. Numerous dessert choices, donuts, ice cream, pastries, cookies. Last time I was there in September ate at Sams Town buffet - $ 7.99 In addition to everything else at the buffet, they had filet mignon,and NY steak made to order, as much as you want with fries and didn't cost you a penny more.

3 - Lower table limits in all casinos. Off the strip hotels like the Orleans, any station casino hotel, sams town; and list goes on and on
has $ 5 or lower table limits.

4 - Just about every slot machine in Vegas is multi demonination from pennies to  $1

5 - Free parking throughtut Vegas. This is one of my biggest complaints against AC.

6 - Hotel costs much much cheaper. For Instance - I stayed at the Orleans this past September and paid $ 39 per night and that was through a discount Website, not comps from Sunday to Friday. Hugh, beautiful casino hotel with sports book. Total hotel bill came to $ 215 for 5 nights. Try comparing that to 5 nights in any Atlantic city Casino Hotel. Sure I have to fly to Vegas - even with that its cheaper.

7 - Shows in Vegas are much better and cheaper.

8 - Free drinks (like bottled bear) while gambling - real drinks. Not like that little cup of whatever crap they have in most of the AC casinos.

9 - Comps are far better in Vegas.

10 More things to do in Vegas.

11 - Treated with class in Vegas. AC employees act like they are doing you a favor by letting you stay there.

12 - I can put a $1 bill in any Vegas machine. in AC they only take $ 5 bills or higher.

13 - If you are playing at a $ 5 table in Vegas and they up it to $ 10, you are grandfathered and stay at $ 5. Doesn't happen in AC. Because of this and the high limits in AC I always play table games in Vegas and never play them in AC.

In conclusion, I have been to Vegas 55 times since 1996 and average about 5 times a year. I don't lose or win a lot, can watch my budget and have the greatest time. The few tims I go to AC, I hate it so much, that the 1st minute I get home I go on line and boom another Vegas trip.