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Luxury Hotels Attacked by Terrorists in Mumbai

Where: Mumbai, India
November 26, 2008 at 4:43 PM | by | ()

Update: The Guardian UK reports that hostages are being held at the Oberoi Hotel. Some guests were able to escape. Additionally, the death toll has risen to 80.

Random terrorist attacks in Mumbai today have left the city residents and tourists stunned and in fear for their lives as at least 40 people were killed and hundreds more injured. The attacks--both gunfire and explosions--have taken place all over the city in seven popular tourist locations. Two five-star hotels, The Oberoi Hotel and The Taj Palace Hotel were among them. From the Telegraph UK:

There were scenes of mayhem as staff used hotel linen and brass baggage carts as the injured were moved to hospital. Bullet holes pierced the elegant facades and blood smeared the furniture of the hotel lobbies.

Another report cited a fire at the Oberoi as well as two of the gunmen being holed up inside. Bloomberg News is reporting a blast went off on the roof of the Taj. Guests are believed to have been evacuated from both places, although we have heard reports that hostages are being held at the Oberoi. A third hotel, The Trident, was also the scene of gunshots. What's worse is that the attacks on the city are still ongoing as far as we know and none of the attackers have been caught.

This is truly a nightmarish time in India. The news reports are all over the place so we aren't sure what has happened to these hotels. But our thoughts our with everyone in Mumbai and we'll update you on the status of the hotels when we can.

[Photo: Sydney Morning Herald]

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