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In This Economy, Even Thanksgiving Dinner Has Shrunk to Bite-Size

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November 24, 2008 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

We’re well aware that it’s a time-honored tradition for many to stir together all the Thanksgiving fixings into one plate of mashed madness. But still, chef Mark Payne of the Ritz-Carlton Chicago’s Café has taken the tactic to a whole new, well, weird level.

His “Thanksgiving Dinner in One Bite” is served this week (through Wednesday) and, just like it sounds, is basically a bite-size amuse that combines turkey rillette, roasted sweet potatoe puree, wild mushroom crumble, huckleberry chutney, crispy Brussels sprouts, and gravy. In other words, it melds all the traditional parts of a Thanksgiving dinner into one loaded forkful. Complimentary for all guests, it’s a nice festive nod if not a little bizarre.

And come Turkey Day, the hotel’s fancy Greenhouse restaurant will offer full-size servings of each at their Thanksgiving Day Brunch. Let’s hope the normal servings look more appetizing than this photo they sent us of the amuse.

[Image: Ritz-Carlton Chicago]

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that looks sorta gross, right? or is it just me?

tom collichio

would say the presentation is awful (like the meatloaf in last week's elimination challenge). but the descrip sounds really good.