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An Open Letter to Jennifer Aniston Regarding Her Hotel Habits

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November 19, 2008 at 3:13 PM | by | ()

Dear Jennifer Aniston,

Hey, girlfriend. Loved you on Oprah last week. And you know what? You're right: what Angelina did was very uncool, but it was also rather unfortunate that Vogue pulled that little tidbit from your interview and used it as your cover line on the front of the December issue, dontchya think? Yikes. Guess they didn't clear that one with your people first, huh?

Anyway, we're not here to talk to you about that — nor are we here to point out that your lovah John Mayer is starting to look a wee bit Marc Anthony-esque (if this photo on People.com is to be believed) — but rather, your choice of hotels in which to make public appearances is getting a little, well, how should we say this? Boring, Jen. Really, really effing boring.

It seems that the Sunset Tower Hotel is like, your thang that you won't let go of. We hear about you going there constantly, and today was the last straw. What's with this? Is the Sunset Tower the little black dress of hotels to you? The hotel equivalent of the Rachel haircut?

Maybe you and Brad got different hotels in the divorce. He's off having crazy, kinky sex with Angelina at the Raffles L'Ermitage while you've been busy ... well, eating salads at the Sunset Tower.

Come on, girl. After the divorce, you didn't radically change your hair or anything crazy like that, so we at HotelChatter just wanted to take this opportunity to step in and gently suggest that you make a teensy change and switch up your go-to hotel. Let go of the Sunset Tower.

What about the Thompson Beverly Hills? Oceana Santa Monica? Montage Beverly Hills? Or maybe you could get in on some of that SLS action? You know, y'all could try out one of those, claim it as your own and single-handedly declare it the new celeb hotspot? Since those places just opened, you know you wouldn't be sleeping in a bed that "they" may have been in together.

Come on, girl. Try something new. For us.

Yours in Sisterhood,


[Photo: Lester Cohen via People.com]

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it's about time

Yes, thank you so much for taking on this pressing issue. God forbid she should continue to stay at one of the most enduringly cool hotels in the city when she could be at one of the latest and greatest "hotspots" getting photographed with Heidi and Spencer, or maybe even (cross fingers) Lindsay and Sam!