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This Week in Hotel Delays :: Starwood Hotels Not Immune to Delays

October 9, 2008 at 11:54 AM | by | ()

We always enjoy, and well, it drives us crazy at times too, watching hotel opening dates slowly but surely get pushed back. Some hotel operators are infamous for it, and some manage to keep it on the DL.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts is one of the companies that try to keep it on the DL but since some of their locations have such high visibility, it's impossible to not notice. After the jump, we run down some of the good and the bad in the Starwood portfolio as it pertains to hotel openings and delays.

Let's start off with W Hotels. Several W hotels have been delayed not one, not two but three or more times. One was even cancelled. Here's how W shakes out.

· W Hoboken: Originally due to open in 2006, earlier this year the date was pretty firmed up to be October 31, 2008. Then it was moved to December 2008. Now Feb 26, 2009 is the new date.
· W Fort Lauderdale: Originally due to open in 2007 (after delayed three times already), the opening date was set to be October 1st. But now Starwood is saying Jan 4, 2009.
· W South Beach: Originally this long-awaited hotel was due to open the end of 2007. As of November 2007, there still was no building there. Finally, topping off occurred in July and the opening is now scheduled for March 1, 2009.
· W Philadelphia: Originally scheduled to open in 2009 but has been cancelled.

So that sounds pretty bleak. But if you want some good news, we've got that too. (Sorta)
· Aloft Mount Laurel: The groundbreaking occurred last month for a late 2009 opening.
· W Boston: Looks like it's on schedule for August 31, 2009. Although a year away is PLENTY of time for delays.
· Westin Jersey City: Originally scheduled for mid-2008, the opening date has now moved Feb 3, 2009.
· Four Points Philadelphia City Center: Originally scheduled to open...well, uh...today. Buutt we just called Four Points Reservations, and even they have no idea when it will open. Might want to update that website Starwood!

What have we learned here? First, never EVER trust a hotel opening date. Second, the economy is bad, but it's not stopping hotels from opening.. yet!

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still think chinas gonna have 200 hotels in china by 2011?
me neither.

i wanna know...

who is in charge of greenlighting a number like 200 hotels in China? that seems like an awfully powerful position.

pick a number, any number! and we'll build that many hotels in china! then pick another number, any number! then we'll build that many hotels in india!

im guessing...

that it's simon turner. he's in charge of global development. he sits in the chair with the really high back and says mwahahahahahaha when they announce these plans.

Really big number

My guess is they just picked a random, really big number a la Paulson.

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Another delay...

W Fort Lauderdale's website now says March 1st - it's safe to anticipate further delays since group arrivals aren't being accepted until June 1st.

Let's not forget the 2 year delay of the St Regis Fort Lauderdale, which one year after opening was re-flagged a Ritz Carlton.