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"Breaking" News :: CBS Discovers Hotel Sex Kits

October 7, 2008 at 11:35 AM | by | ()

It's sort of quaint when traditional media pinpoints a "new trend." CBS News, for one, recently broke the shocking (we mean really, shocking) news of hotels stocking guest rooms with sex kits. But, wait, you say. Hasn't that been going on since, like, the beginning of sex? We joke, of course, but the sex-kit-in-room trend is, in fact, a couple of years old.

Trawling the good ol' Hotel Chatter archives, our mentions of hotel sex kits date back to at least 2006. But whatever, we're glad CBS News is finally getting in on the action. Their sleuth reporting uncovers the passion kit at The Water Club, the newish hotel from The Borgata with their frisky "Do Not Disturb" signs (you know, where you can indicate why you, ahem, don't want to be disturbed).

Still, CBS News does offer a few quotable gems:

Since the hotel opened next to the Borgata at the end of June, the sex kits are the top-selling in-room item. Drew Schlesinger, vice president and general manager of The 800-room hotel, says they've sold more than 1,500 of the kits at $18 a pop.

"I actually had one woman get upset because there was only one kit in her room," he said. "I didn't ask why."

We're not sure why Mr. Schlesinger would have to "ask why," but that's sorta hilarious.

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