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Kempinski Hotels Add Syria, Kazakhstan and Indonesia to Hot List

October 31, 2008 at 10:05 AM | by | ()

HotelChatter's AmandaK gives us the latest on Kempinski Hotels.

Last week we mentioned that the Kempinski Hotel group seem to be on some kind of path to world domination with new hotels planned for more than a couple of corners of the globe.

We’re pretty intrigued by some of the exotic destinations that Kempinski has picked out for its coming-soon hotels. And we’re not sure if the chosen spots are an indication of future hot-spots for tourists and business travelers or whether Kempinski are just randomly throwing darts at a world map and then opening up hotels where they land.

For example, there’s the Kempinski Hotel Sulaiman Bacha Khan in Damascus, Syria. This will be a 30-room boutique hotel in a heritage building inside the walled old town, due to open mid-2009. So does this mean Damascus is heading for the tourist hot list? Maybe, because there’s also a plan for a 210-room Kempinski Hotel Damascus to open about a year later.

Spin the globe again and there’s the Kempinski Hotel Bayterek planned for Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty. It’s a combo of a regular hotel and serviced apartments and seems to be aimed at business travelers, with Kazakhstan opening up right now to the mining industry (and not just tourists summoned by Borat).

And finally, head south and the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta should be ready by February next year, a big luxury project that will include a spa and even an onsite micro-brewery where you can drink Paulaner Brauhaus beer; this might strike you as an odd inclusion until you remember that Kempinski is a German-owned chain. And a diverse chain at that.

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