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Mandarin Oriental Boston Tries to Fake Us Out

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October 29, 2008 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Wow, people must think we hotel guests are really gullible. Why else then, do they (presumably people who work for the hotel) post positively glowing reviews of the property they’re pimping on travel web sites under lame fake names like Suzy Jacuzzi? They obviously think you’re not smart enough to see through all the peppy PR speak.

We’re looking at you Mandarin Oriental Boston and your one and only review of the property on TripAdvisor. “Suzy Jacuzzi” describes the hotel’s “unique artwork [and] subtle color hues,” the “friendly and efficient” staff, it’s “great location” and—the true mark of PR speak—“tastefully decorated” rooms and “state of the art equipment” at the gym.

All those words set off our BS radar, which is a shame, because any good PR person should believe enough in the product they’re promoting to let it speak for itself—something we’re sure a Mandarin Oriental property would be able to do.

If you can give us a PR-speak-free review of the hotel, please, do share it with us in the comments below.

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Archived Comments:

The Review screams Fake, the profile suggests not

Read the review, I would go with you that it was written with the assistance of the "Big Book of Gushing PR"

BUT... SuzyJacuzzi's Trip advisor profile is not that of a classic Fake reviewer - its not the only review she has done, in fact she has reviews going back 3 years and its not as if every review is rating the place 5/5.

Having said that she claims to be in Boston, maybe just got a new job working in a local PR firm?