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Did The Luxor Make a $100 Million Mistake With Criss Angel's "Believe"?

October 20, 2008 at 9:55 AM | by | ()

In these troubled times, a hotel -- even a casino -- probably can't afford to throw down $100 million on something with the potential to fail. Unfortunately, it's really starting to look like the Luxor has made a colossal mistake by giving the star of its new Cirque du Soleil show, one Criss Angel, 100 mill, creative control and a 10-year contract.

We've been over this a couple of times before. When we first mentioned that the show, Believe, was headed into its official "preview period," our comment threads caught fire with pretty harsh reviews from the first audiences. We rounded some of them up here, and we wondered whether the angry rants were just courtesy of some CA haters or if the show really did epically suck.

Yeah. Well. Turns out, it indeed really does suck as much as all our sources say it does -- at least if Page Six is to be believed.

Per Page Six:

Guy Laliberté, the head of Cirque [du Soleil], is even said to have walked out of one preview.

And he wouldn't be the first one. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the show, which opens officially on Halloween, "is a possibly unsalvageable waste of time and a dead end that literally bored some audience members to sleep."

Yikes. Oh wait -- it gets better. A hate party even went down in the bathroom, with reports of public restrooms full of people "chanting 'bull----' from the urinals."

Other folks complained about the lack of actual magic in the show and the fact that wires holding people in the air were clearly visible. Awkward. We actually heard this too from our commenters so Luxor and Cirque are going to need to fix that pronto.

As usual, a rep for Mr. Angel said the show was only in its preview period and the media should be respecting this and not publishing reviews. Yet if "Believe" is still on track for its official Halloween debut, Criss Angel will have to do some serious Mindfreak tricks to hold off the tide of discontent.

Archived Comments:

$100 million dollar mistake

In my humble opinion, they did.  He is not suited for the Las Vegas strip.  I especially did not like the banner going across the pyramid.  It cheapens the Luxor's reputation.  Cirque must be hurting with all those great shows in the past, this must be their worst venture.


it's possible to cheapen the luxor's reputation?

perhaps that will be criss angel's greatest magic trick of all