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Cast Your Vote With Cocktails at the Borgata

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October 10, 2008 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

You've got the campaign T-shirts, lapel pin, bumper sticker and the sign in your front yard, but have you downed an election cocktail at Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel?

Much like The Muse Hotel in New York City, The Borgata is offering up their own candidate-themed drinks at one of the casino-hotel's bars.

Now through November 4, belly up to the Gypsy Bar to cast your vote for one of three intoxicating candidates: Ciroc Obama (vodka, blue curacao, lime juice and sprite), McCainarita (tequila, grand marnier, lime and pomegrante juices) or Miss Independent (raspberry vodka, cointreau, cranberry and lime juices).

Playing by the real election's rules, this competition will be tallied and the winner announced after all votes are in on November 4, Election Day. Until then, the thirsty and restless can nailbite over updates on the Borgata's nightlife website.

Just remember- with one presidential debate left on October 15, you've still got to decide on where to drink through it, and this bipartisan deal at the Borgata sounds pretty promising.

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Archived Comments:

Miss Independent?

Oh man. "Miss Independent" sounds delicious. If I were to run for office, that would be my drink, and also my theme song (Kelly Clarkson, holla back). Kinda feel bad for dudes who have to order a "Miss Independent" from the bar -- ain't nothin' wrong with a dude sipping raspberry vodka from a martini glass, you know?