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Breaking News: Schrager Hotels by Marriott to be called Edition Hotels

January 29, 2008 at 9:36 AM | by | ()

In a surprising move, Bill Marriott and Ian Schrager have decided to call their partnership of luxury hotels, Edition Hotels.

Initially reports from the NYPost said the hotel chain would be called Schrager Hotels but when the duo make an announcement at the ALIS conference in Los Angeles today, they are going with Edition Hotels. Way to shock and awe us guys!

The Washington Post has the scoop:

Marriott said in an interview that the name took several months to work out and ultimately emerged from Schrager's team, which is not surprising given that the 75-year-old chief executive has said his Bethesda-based company didn't have the creative chops to enter the boutique space on its own.

"I like the name," Marriott said. "You can use it as the new Edition or the 14th Street Edition or the Wall Street Edition. Anything you want to put in front of it ties in with the name."

Actually we would refrain from using it as the New Edition especially since Bobby Brown is not so hot these days.

Nevermind, Schrager and Marriott are also expected to announce nine locations for these Editions Hotels. The first Edition will open in Paris in 2010 followed shortly by South Beach. Also expect Editions (ah...we are getting the hang of this now) to open in Hollywood, downtown Los Angeles, Costa Rica, Chicago, Miami, Washington and Scottsdale.

Surprisingly, there's no New York edition on the board yet, despite Bill mentioning Wall Street. Perhaps Ian doesn't want competition for his baby, Gramercy Park Hotel?

Hate it or Love it? Whatever you think of Edition Hotels let us know here.

Archived Comments:

Re: Breaking News: Schrager Hotels by Marriott

The name is super catchy! New York Edition, Los Angeles Edition - how cool is that? Wow. I really like this name.

Re: Breaking News: Schrager Hotels by Marriott to

i admit, i likey.

Re: Breaking News: Schrager Hotels by Marriott to

i admit -- I like it too.  Did they hire JetBlue's naming guru or something?

Re: Breaking News: Schrager Hotels by Marriott to

It's kinda cute for a name (way better then the rumored one). I was assuming I wouldn't like it but it surprised me.

Re: Breaking News: Schrager Hotels by Marriott to

I quite like the name!  I wonder where this Paris hotel will be?  An existing Marriott location?  Exciting!