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Oriental Bangkok Impresses With 802.11n

Where: 48 Oriental Avenue, Bangkok, Thailand, 10500
January 25, 2008 at 9:11 AM | by | ()

Apparently the Oriental Hotel Bangkok in Thailand's bustling capital is good for moe than Ayurvedic spas and cooking classes: they're pretty hot on the WiFi angle as well, judging by the latest developments there.

A recent Bangkok Post article claimed that the Oriental is the first place in the region to offer WiFi access to its guests wherever they are in the hotel complex. And even better, they say, it's all using a 802.11n network which, if you're not quite geeky enough to know, means that the range and bandwidth is a whole lot better than previous technologies. And as manager Paul Jones said:

Today's business travelers demand more than simple connectivity--they value voice, video and data options which are efficient, convenient, highly secure and most importantly can be accessed anytime, anywhere in the hotel.

Hear, hear! And dare we point out, it's not even just business travelers who are demanding good connectivity. Thumbs up to the Oriental Bangkok for getting a decent WiFi network in place and we hope that many more follow.

[Photo: dorywithserifs]

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