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It's Hard to Believe But Bill Marriott Was Once Young and Cute

January 23, 2008 at 5:34 PM | by | ()

In Bill Marriott's weekly blog/letter taken by his secretary, he reminisces about his days as a Boy Scout and even includes a snapshot of him as a youngster proudly sporting his uniform and a gelled up 'do.

You know, back then, over sixty years ago, scouting was different from what it is today. I was a city kid and I was working on my merit badges and I had no place to camp out. So, to get camping merit badge, I had to sleep out 50 nights.

Where was I going to do that?

Well, my folks helped me buy a tent and I put it in the backyard and out of my fifty nights, I think forty of them were backyard nights. But I slept out and I was able to qualify for that merit badge.

Now that he's all grown up, Bill has created Camp Marriott in Virginia where Boy Scouts can go to work on earning their merit badges. And while being a Scout won't get you a job, it will probably help.*

In other news:
· Travel + Leisure has put together a list of the most "amazing arrivals" that hotels will create for their guests like para-gliding to check-in.
· The San Alfonso del Mar Resort has the world's largest swimming pool.
· Paris Hilton parties at the GhostBar inside the W Dallas.
· Omni Hotels puts a spin on romance packages for V-day, by allowing couples to recreate their fondest memories.

*[Ed. Note: Yes, we know. One day we will be old too. And instead of running a major world-wide hotel chain we'll probably be tearily reflecting on the krimped-hair stylings of our youth.]

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