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Spotted at the Palace Hotel: Serena van der Woodson

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September 20, 2007 at 4:18 PM | by | ()

Thanks to major media hype about the new CW show Gossip Girl, we totally tuned in to get the scoop. In truth, we only got about 20 minutes into it because we drank a bottle of wine at dinner. Not unlike many Upper East Siders.

Anyways, props to The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz for once again producing a show mostly full of white people. Also, these teens are doing stuff we didn't do until well into our 20s like drink martinis and buy clothes at Henri Bendel's. Actually we still have not done the latter.

Since we didn't watch the full episode yet we won't give it a critique. But we will say that we cringed at Nate Archibald's line (and name), "Do you ever get the feeling everything is all planned out for us? And we're gonna end up like our parents?" Snore.

What is of note is that the main character Serena van der Woodson and her dysfunctional family live at the Palace Hotel. Serena and her BFF-turned-frenemy Blair Waldorf (yes, the names of these characters suck) grab a drink at the Palace Hotel and reminisce about dancing on tables "at Bungalow" which we assume is nightclub Bungalow 8. Mind you they share these stories over some martinis at the bar. Last time we checked no one made virgin martinis (Virgintinis? Ew, gross.)

Now that our hangover is going away, we'll tune in for the rest of the episode. Or not. However, we fully expect the sales/marketing team at the Palace to put together a "Gossip Girl Package" by the next episode.

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Archived Comments:

ok we started watching it again

and one of the other guy characters, the dirtbag, says his parents own the hotel.

grilled cheese with truffle oil

ok so he takes serena into the kitchen where she gets a grilled cheese with truffle oil. he pays the chef to close down the kitchen for the night. why do i care? and why am i posting these comments??