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Get A Good Night's Sleep in Berlin

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September 18, 2007 at 11:34 AM | by | ()

You read it here first that the Ritz-Carlton Berlin gets a big thumbs up for its comfortable beds, and now we can report on comedian Mo Rocca's first hand experience with the hotel's sleep clinic.

While it seems kinda odd to fly half-way around the world to work out how to sleep better, Mo recently tried out the weekend sleep clinic package that's supposed to teach you how to sleep more soundly (although we reckon we're pretty good at that already). According to Mo, the package includes several days of being "steamed, sloughed, kneaded, and glazed", and apparently his sleep profile meant he had to wear a "brain light" at night.

It is probably pretty easy to sleep well when you're being totally pampered; how that translates into a better sleep pattern once you get home isn't clear, but perhaps it involves a lot of return trips to the Ritz-Carlton's sleep clinic--could be just a case of very clever marketing.

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