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Hotel Art: Worshipping White Wine

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July 6, 2007 at 2:53 PM | by | ()

UPDATE: Helpful concierge has returned our call to tell us the exhibit will be showing from July 20-27th in the hotel's courtyard facing Madison Avenue.

The New York Palace Hotel is supposed to be getting an interesting art display this month, although perhaps not as controversial as the Chocolate Jesus.

French photographer Bettina Rheims will show her "Liquid Gold" exhibit at the hotel featuring her interpretaion of white wine brought to life. WWD reports:

[Rheims'] 11 portraits were commissioned by the French wine region of Chablis, which gave Rheims carte blanche in bringing her interpretations of the white wine to life any way she chose.

"It took long research," Rheims said of her process. "I looked at paintings of wine. I wanted to know how the wine is made, the tools that are used, the instruments, how it's put together."

The 11 portraits show women swathed in gold wreaths, gold vines, and wearing gold bikinis, dresses or just gold paint.

The hotel is listed as the next home for the photo exhibit in the month of July, but when we called over there today, no one really had an idea of this show or when it was to appear. However, a very helpful concierge was determined to track down an answer. We'll keep you posted.

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