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Gansevoort West is Dead, Gansevoort South Gets Managing Director

July 18, 2007 at 12:38 PM | by | ()

We confess. We had pretty much forgotten about Gansevoort West which was to open at 9th and Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles, thanks to a severe news drought on the property.

Anyways we inquired about the property's future and got carefully-worded reply from developers WSA Management and the Chetrit Group:

WSA Management will wholly own and manage the Gansevoort South hotel and condominium development in Miami. The Chetrit Group will develop the 9th Street/Grand Avenue project in Los Angeles under a different brand name; WSA Management will not be involved.

Later, we found LA Curbed's post on the hotel death.

Anyways, WSA Management is William Achenbaum's development group and he is the owner of the original Hotel Gansevoort in NYC. The Chetrit group is also based in NYC.

So there you have it. Gansevoort West is dead. Now, we just need to know what kind of hotel brand the Chetrit Group is putting in. Hopefully, not another Thompson Hotel.

More on Gansevoort's Miami plans after the jump.


Gansevoort South aka Hotel Paradiso is still very much on, having just appointed a managing director, Robert Van Eerde, who jumped ship from Andre Balazs' property, The Raleigh. Van Eerde also headed up operations at AB's Standard Miami and has run, among other places, U2's Clarence Hotel in Ireland.

In short, the hotel will have 334 guest rooms alongside 259 luxury condo units, a full city block of luxury boutiques and restaurants and now we learn, the place will have expansive lobby accented by a 50-foot shark tank. Cool, every week will be Shark Week down there!

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