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Sunset Tower Hotel Protects the Social Life of Celebrities From Nosy, Texting Reporters

June 27, 2007 at 11:29 AM | by | ()

Looks like the Sunset Tower Hotel is emerging as the real place for celebrities to go when they want to feel "normal". Or at least be surrounded by other celebs without having to worry if the paparazzi will be documenting their every more.

Page Six reports that the Tower Bar at the hotel kicked out a freelance reporter for a trashy tabloid mag after they spotted her texting that Jennifer Aniston was there with her new boyfriend. Yup, the celebrity gossip machine is practically worse than the Monday after a middle school dance.

Last week, an entertainment freelance reporter for one of the weeklies was unceremoniously booted after she was caught texting people that Jennifer Aniston was there with her new beau, Paul Colford. "Security was called and she was told to never come back," our insider said. But the journo didn't go quietly - "She made a huge stink and started screaming." As she was being tossed, "The entire bar - including [Aniston], Bernie Brillstein, Kate Hudson and [former Paramount head] Donald Deline - started applauding, and some people even stood up."

Yikes, guess we better not go skulk around that hotel anytime soon.

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