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Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills Set For July Opening, Six Columbus Set for 'Summer'

June 26, 2007 at 1:20 PM | by | ()

Scaffolding at Thompson Beverly Hills was seen back in April 2007.

With all the Prince 3121 at the Hollywood Roosevelt, we have been neglecting Thompson Hotels other children.

We hear, straight from the Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau, that Thompson Beverly Hills is set for a July opening. This is not too surprising since Thompson Hotel peeps have been talking up a July opening as well.


But when it does open, the place should be pretty impressive and its location, thankfully, is not a tourist death trap like the Hollywood Boulevard.

Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau has this description of Thompson Beverly Hills listed on their site:

The design of Thompson Beverly Hills blends the philosophy of California Modernism with touches of authentic exotic materials, inspired by the non-directional furniture movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Sleek and modern furnishings with warm textural woods and leathers create a stylish, luxurious experience for guests.

Designer Dodd Mitchell has outfitted the hotel with custom-made furniture and fixtures that reflect the merging of the bohemian and gritty nature of downtown Manhattan with the manicured lawns and pristine homes of Beverly Hills.

A bi-level rooftop pool with luxury cabanas and a fitness center is also planned for the hotel. But we really don't think it will open in July. Why? Well, that's just the Thompson way!

Meanwhile, on the other coast, Six Columbus still is not open and is still not taking reservations. However, the folks over there have updated the website to say "Reservations Open: Summer 2007." We are starting to feel bad for Six Columbus. How many times can this hotel get a new opening date? It just seems so unfair and a little bit reminiscent of Rudy. "This entire year's been a waste! I've just blown another year of eligibility!"

Also happening in Jason Pomeranc's world is that Thompson LES has got some new renderings on its website. If you thought the alternative 1985 in Back to the Future where Biff was mayor of the corrupt town was cool, then you will really like Thompson LES, judging from the photos. Both this hotel and Pomeranc's Smyth Tribeca will open in 2008.

And finally breaking away from NYC and LA, Thompson Hotels is planning both a DC and a Toronto outpost. Goodie! The Thompson Hype machine will be around at least until the next decade.

Thompson Hotel DC

Thompson Hotel Toronto

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til at least the next decade?

In other words, when the hotels slated for '08 actually open? (Zing!)