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Bryant Park Hotel Gets in Bed with The Pleasure Chest

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June 20, 2007 at 10:42 AM | by | ()

When we first caught wind of The Bryant Park Hotel's plan to add sex toys to the list of amenities offered at their trendy Manhattan property, we didn't quite know what to think.

Were there going to be toy boxes in the rooms with a "you try it you buy it" policy? Or was this going to be a rent-a-dildo situation? (Please God, no.) Is the selection going to be, shall we say, comprehensive enough to cater to guests' varying tastes and orientations?

And most importantly, how the hell will they introduce something like this into the upscale hotel world in a way that's even remotely classy?

Last night, we dropped by Cellar Bar for the launch of the Objects of Pleasure Menu to get the intimate details (and the free drinks, we do enjoy our booze). We hung with a few celebrities, were schooled in the many uses of the gold-plated vibrator and were given a full rundown of the whole adult toy menu while munching on oysters and chocolate-covered cherries.


The Menu
Remember that Sex and the City episode where the girls went into that gorgeous, upscale sex shop and you sort of wished the sex shop near you wasn't a run-down skanky porno den?

Well, the store featured on the show was The Pleasure Chest, a fancy adult boutique in the West Village. They've appropriately joined forces with the swanky Bryant Park Hotel to create the Objects of Pleasure Menu which, starting today, can be found in each guest room.

The 12-item selection features adult toys "for the most discriminating tastes and sophisticated desires." Ranging in price from $65.00 to $295.00, the most expensive of these is a waterproof gold-plated cigar vibe for the snobbiest sex session ever.

The menu is nicely varied; there are a couple of plugs to choose from (one of which, the $95.00 Aneros, is apparently one of the best on the market) and there are even two hand-blown glass dildos that are actually pretty enough for you to display on your coffee table.

For $135.00, you can get the BedSide Lockbox that includes a whole array of goodies like handcuffs, lube, condoms, a blindfold, a small vibrator and one of those awesome candles made with wax that melts into usable massage oil (they made sure it won't stain the sheets--good call on that one, Bryant Park).

We checked out The Pleasure Chest's own website and surprisingly, the hotel seems to be selling these products at the same price as PC's retail outlets--no outrageous mini-bar-esque markup!

The Logistics
So we were way wrong about the rent-a-dildo thing. That would be gross. Here's how it actually works: you check out the menu in the room then dial 0 and order your toy of choice. You know, like room service. Someone downstairs takes the order and delivers a fairly discreet silver box to your room (see photo) and you get down with your bad self (and company). You get to keep your purchase, of course, as a spicy little reminder of your stay in NYC.

Some of the experts over at The Pleasure Chest came in and taught the staff quite a bit about the products (everyone we spoke to knew quite a bit about the menu items). We were asking tons of questions--The Rabbit can get complicated when it starts to spin and bend--but the young staff members were totally candid, thorough and professional in answering them...even with a purple pearl-filled dildo in their hands.

The Party
Andrew Keegan (of 10 Things I Hate About You fame) showed up with his girlfriend and stuck around long enough to check out the display table and catch GrrlGenius Cathryn Michon's sorta-funny girlpower-y speech. Downing cocktails around the room were actors Dana Delany and Sherri Saum and Callie Thorne from Rescue Me.

The whole thing, believe it or not, remained tasteful and a nice subdued artsy-porny black and white film played on the flatscreens around the bar all night.

The Verdict
Of all places to be able to successfully introduce sex-toy room service, we'd probably have Bryant Park at the top of our lists. Not only does it fit nicely with the whole swanky-sexy vibe of the place, but it really doesn't hurt that the guy or girl delivering the item to your room will likely be absolutely gorgeous.

We're totally into the idea of the Objects of Pleasure Menu, but we'll be interested to know how well this goes over with guests--we'll definitely check back in a couple of weeks.

Who knows, maybe in a few years good old Bill Marriott will introduce adult amenities like these. Ah, we can just imagine those blog entries now....

Check out more of Jenna's pics from the party on Flickr.

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