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Best Hotels for Fireworks in Manhattan

June 18, 2007 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

Fourth of July is just two weeks away so in case you are headed to a big city for some fireworks fun, we'll be taking a look at hotels with prime fireworks views. Have a favorite hotel for gawking at bombs bursting in air? Send it our way.

Fun Fact: New York City is loaded with rooftop bars offering fabulous views of the Manhattan skyline-- perfect for watching Independence Day fireworks. Less-Fun Fact: Around July 4th, the city is also teeming with fanny-pack sportin' tourists eager to catch those fireworks, crowding the various rooftop bars so badly that you can barely get through the door, much less get your hot little hands on a drink.

Your best bet? Book a Fourth of July package at a hotel that guarantees you access to some of the best patches of sky in Manhattan. We recommend lower Manhattan because, well, did you really plan to spend July Fourth at the Peninsula's rooftop bar? Boring much? Really though, their Fourth of July package involves a VIP escort to a seating area by the East River to view the fireworks. We prefer to chill on the roof of the hotel we're paying big bucks for, thank you.


Starting at $395, the Hotel Gansevoort in the Meatpacking District offers a Stars and Stripes package that gives you access to their rooftop lounge and pool. A couple drinks are included in the rate along with a nice little morning-after breakfast so you can stuff your face with carbs and grease to combat the hangover. It's super trendy, so try to leave your jean shorts and red white and blue golf shirt in the room.

If that doesn't do it for you, 60 Thompson's Above 60 Rooftop Bar is open to hotel guests and members only and offers totally kickass views of the city, fireworks or not. They're really into cocktails with exotic fruits (think Lychee) and the place has room for around 100 people or so--all gorgeous, by the way--so consider it an intimate affair.

If you want to, you know, pretend you're in Miami or on a cruise ship or whatever, check out The Maritime's Cabana Bar. If you've got a room, you won't have to deal with the dragon who works the door whenever we show up and you won't be charged a cover (which only exists on busier nights anyway). Last time we went, they even gave us free passes to the New York Sports Club right down the street and, uh, after spending Independence Day scarfing hot dogs and binge drinking, you might need it.

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Re: Best Hotels for Fireworks in Manhattan

You missed the Ritz Carlton Battery Park. I was able to score a Liberty Suite there last 4th of July (using a Platinum Amex upgrade) for less than $400. Our room was on a high floor, had floor to ceiling glass windows, and we watched the fireworks explode over Lady Liberty. It gets my vote.

That's right!

That's a good hotel for fireworks. Nice that you got a suite too and for no more than $400! I bet a teeny tiny room at 60 Thompson costs more than that.