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Notes on Room 100

May 7, 2007 at 3:27 PM | by | ()

Thanks to the Thompson Hotels PR folks we were able to get a copy of the new in-room magazine Room 100 done in collaboration with Black Book magazine, which we mentioned the other week had an ad for the soon-to-be-opened Six Columbus.

Flipping through, there were a few more ads for Thompson Hotels including the Tribeca outpost, Smyth, and established properties such as 60 Thompson and Lindsay Lohan's favorite joint (or should we say stall?) the Hollywood Roosevelt.

With a feature on cover boy Adrien Brody and inside stories on Hunter S. Thompson, the music scene in the LES, the jazz culture in New Orleans and the fast-food landscape of Los Angeles, the issue was intended to be about great American nomads and their favorite haunts--a perfect topic for a hotel's first magazine.

Yet it certainly seems like a magazine for the nouveaux rich, beautiful blondes, loaded hipsters, and trustafarians. Don't get us wrong, there are some good articles in here (we liked the Whiskey a Go Go story, with interviews from Joan Jett and Ray Manzarek). Still there seems to be a disconnect with the articles about "modern-day nomads" and bits on $600 Bottega Veneta home pillows, and $275 salt and pepper shakers from Tiffany.

We know Thompson hotel guests can shell out $400 a night for a hotel room and thus, perhaps $275 salt and pepper shakers are common housewarming gifts amongst nomads of the modern day? Either way, it totally beats what you normally find in a hotel's in-room magazine--cheesy ads for Hooter's and The Ninety Nine.

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