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Best and Worst International Hotel WiFi

May 2, 2007 at 12:35 PM | by | ()

This year we decided to go one step further with our Annual WiFi Report by taking a glance at what's happening internationally.

Last year, after we released the Best and Worst WiFi Hotels a lot of our tips had to do with international properties which you can check out here. Additionally, our editors and tipsters travel quite often and have enlightened us with their hotel wifi experiences in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands and beyond.

What we have found is some of the best International WiFi experiences come in individual, and even independent hotels, thus the best way to tackle this is to list these out experience by experience. Unlike our Best and Worst WiFi Hotel lists, the International hotel WiFi report is meant to be an open thread.

If you think the hotel WiFi scene here in the U.S. is frustrating, fragmented and unpredictable, check out these International Hotel WiFi stories, and add your own International hotel wireless story here. Please remember to list the hotel name, location, and wireless connectivity details. Let's keep this to first-hand experiences only. With your help, by this time next year we can get a definitive list of Best and Worst International Hotel WiFi experiences to guide your fellow travelers.

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Hotels in Europe


Amsterdam: Lloyd Hotel. Free WiFi. Worked so fast in this large hotel. So fast we downloaded an entire season of The Office on iTunes within two hours.

Amsterdam: Radisson SAS Amsterdam: Free WiFi and Lan in all rooms and public places in the hotel.

Amsterdam: Cory Doctorow of boingboing (hotel name still a mystery):

One time I ended up spending €90 for one day's access at a hotel in Amsterdam that used Eurospot!


Cologne: Hotel Chelsea in Cologne. Free WiFi.


Vienna: Hilton Vienna charges €30 per day for WiFi.

Hotels in Asia

Osaka: Ritz Carlton Osaka. WiFi only in the lobby and it's $15 an hour. In-room ethernet is $20 a day.

Hotels in South America

Salta: Hotel del Convento. Free wireless that "worked like a charm." And rooms are only $35 a night.

Buenos Aires: Faena Hotel + Universe: 802.11 is present throughout, and there is decent throughput--our spy ran a bandwidth test well into the megs. The connection can easily be used for VOIP sessions, poolside, which allows you to live quite decadently while you are on a conference call with someone in the Valley.

Hotels in Australia

Sydney: Park Hyatt. $29 AUD a day. Wired internet.
Sydney: The Observatory Hotel. $39.95 AUD a day. Wired internet and you need to call the front desk for a code.

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Archived Comments:

Wireless in Belgium Hotels

Here is my experience--

Hotel Heritage offers free lobby wireless, but you can get three bar signals on the top floor, so you can use it in your room.

Le Chatelain offers free lobby wifi in Ixelles.