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Thompson Beverly Hills Gets More Scaffolding

April 6, 2007 at 12:29 PM | by | ()

Speaking of Young & Restless Manhattan Hoteliers, there's only 10 more days until Six Columbus supposedly opens but we thought we would give Jason Pomeranc a break from all that for now.

So we hit up his West Coast project, Thompson Beverly Hills.These pictures of Thompson Beverly Hills are encouraging. For one thing, the former Best Western has been shut down, finally. Two, construction has begun all over the building. Or at least scaffolding has been thrown up on every side of the building. Again, we say encouraging but we know Pomeranc usually falls apart when he's just a few months from opening.

However, maybe this picture of the gigantic Hotel Montage opening across the street will light a fire under Pomeranc's ass. The Montage is building from the ground-up and is predicting a Fall 2008 opening date.*

MORE pictures after the jump.

*Now is the time for anyone considering a trip to Beverly Hills to go. Because by 2008, Wilshire from Santa Monica to Doheny will be one big gigantic parking lot with three new hotels including the enormous condo-hotel from the Beverly Hilton. BH should just be renamed the Beverly Hills Parking Spot.

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Archived Comments:


Look at all those people who seem to actually be working.  Not the usual NY Pomerantics I am use to seeing.


Who coined that?

Those aren't Pomerancs people

In that second photo, that's the Hotel Montage folk hard at work. Didn't spy any actual real-life construction workers at TBH.