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But don't get too excited, the Stoli Hotel isn't here to stay. However, as part of a monthlong promotion Stolichnaya will open the Stoli Hotel on May 2 in L.A. which will serve as a sort of entertainment space where people can party, dance and of course, drink Stoli. But we don't think you can actually stay over night.

Straight from the press release (which was chockfull of registered names and trademarks that we removed here to make it actually readable):

Invited guests will be greeted by a full-service concierge as they enter the hotel to view the exquisitely designed bar or visit the integrated spa. A series of individually designed guest rooms, inspired by Stoli's full flavor portfolio, will host a range of events. The elit Suite, which pays homage to Stoli's ultra-luxury vodka, Stolichnaya elit, will be open to VIPs only.

The 10,000 square-foot "hotel" was inspired by the Hotel Moskva (seen on the Stoli label) and will feature a sort of Russian czar decor with "bold, geometric,industrial structures of the early 20th century."

The Stoli hotel's web site will also go live on May 2 where it will offer up a virtual tour and a calendar of events. After staying in LA for a month, the Stoli Hotel will travel to other cities like New York, Chicago and Miami. Expect Kevin Federline to be at all "openings."

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