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Cambria Suites Debuts in...Boise?

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April 25, 2007 at 12:55 PM | by | ()

Ah, Boise, land of hotel hype and glitz-filled nights. Wait, Boise? Seems so, now that Cambria Suites has rolled into town. It's the first property for the latest brand from Choice Hotels, which has been in the works since January 2005.

A mid-range business-centric hotel, we're not predicting that Veronica Mars will show up. But she'd probably have a decent time if she did: the Cambria has loads of amenities. The suites sport flat screen TVs, iPod hookups, DVD players, free WiFi and fridges. The place has a sort of Drury Inn thing going on.

There's no introductory pricing, per se, but rates start at $149 and can only go up from there.

[Photo: JoelMann]

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Archived Comments:

This reminds me of Wayne's World

When they are fooling around with the green screen and it shoots to Delaware.

"Hi...I'm in...Delaware."

Re: Cambria Suites Debuts in...Boise?

All jokes aside (and there are many that could be told)...this is a really good thing for Boise.  I spend a fair amount of time there.  Up until now, the best hotel in town was barely half a step up from a Holiday Inn.  Yet the rest of downtown Boise is actually thriving and it is one of the fastest growing cities in the West.

Re: Cambria Suites Debuts in...Boise?

You missed the best part - it was constructed by nanobots, as seen here: http://cambriasuiteslive.com
Humans merely delivered materials.

You can watch thumbnails of two others being built here: http://cambriasuites.guestnetworks.com/webcams.html

See? Boise's all kindsa high tech!

Re: Cambria Suites Debuts in...Boise?

OMG. Early front-runner for Best Geek Hotel of '08.