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Ultimate Tree Living Freedom In A Free Spirit Sphere

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  Site Where: 420 Horne Lake Rd, Qualicum, BC, Canada, V9K 1Z7
April 18, 2007 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Staying in the top of the trees is becoming a common enough accommodation choice, both for uniqueness and to feel at one with nature. But if you want to really feel green, then try renting one of the Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island. These are definitely funky: to date there are two of them, laminated wood spheres that literally hang from the trees. The spheres each have a name: Eryn and Eve, and the accommodation for each varies:

Eryn has a double bed, cupboard space and counter, settee, sink, microwave and refrigerator. Eve is more spartan, with just a bed. Both have insulation, with bathrooms nearby.

And the longer-term plan is to hang up 15 of these spheres around the forest. For now, you can get Eve for C$100 a night and Eryn for C$150, and multiple-night stays attract a discount. Or if you get really keen and have a backyard with a big tree, you can just buy your own hanging sphere for $150,000.

[Photo: Rosylavie]

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