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Coldplay Has the Nerve to Be 'Normal Human Being-Like' at the Faena Hotel

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Here's a theory for which we have no evidence. The rise in expensively tricked-out design hotels is in direct correlation to the disinclination of contemporary rock stars to smash, trash, and throw entertainment systems through the windows of said hotels.

In the early 1970s hotels had to insure themselves against fire, flood and Acts of Keith Moon. That's all gone now, along with kaftans with metallic trim and Minimoogs. A pity.

But wait! Perhaps all is not lost. We have received exclusive reports of hair-raising, hellraising behaviour by Coldplay during their recent stay at Buenos Aires' Faena Hotel + Universe (they played three gigs in BA two weeks ago). The information comes from Florencia Vrljicak, the Faena's lovely PR manager:

The Cold Play stayed at the Faena for a whole week. They left Alan [Señor Faena, the eponymous owner] a guitar!!! Signed by all the members of the band and an incredible letter saying (amongst other things) they did not want to leave. They really had a good time and enjoyed the hotel very much. After the shows, we usually prepared barbecue in the Mercado's patio. They enjoyed that place particularly. They were supposed to leave on Friday for Brazil, but extended the stay for two nights. There is so much I can tell... One day Chris asked to use the piano we have at EL TEATRO to compose. And he played alone all night until 1 am. The guitar is incredible! And the letter is so nice I am keeping it in my cork board!

And that's not all. Sources from lower down the hotel's food chain have muttered darkly to us about 'generous tipping', 'a complete lack of arrogance' and, most disturbing of all, 'normal human being-like behaviour'.

Someone needs to get these boys into rehab, and quick.

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Archived Comments:

Re: Coldplay

I agree with the story, Cold Play are great hotel guests,from a workers perspective. In my opinion other great celeb guests include: Tom Brady, Leo Dicaprio, Mickey Rourke, Chris Webber(basketball) Michael Olawakandi(mispelling,basketball, Kevin Costner, Keri Russel,Maria Shapova.

kevin costner is a great hotel guest?

what about that whole hotel happy ending bandit thing?

Re: kevin costner is a great hotel guest?

I can't really comment on that story but i know from personal experience that he and his family are great and loyal hotel guests.