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Scott Weiland and Wife in Hotel Smackdown

March 26, 2007 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

We haven't seen a rocker get buck wild crazy trashing a hotel room in a while. But thanks to Scott Weiland, he just upped the ante on trashing hotel rooms by involving his wife. That's a happy marriage folks. TMZ reports that :

Weiland and his wife Mary ripped alarm clocks and phones from their sockets and threw them, made "dents and gauges" in the walls, and that there was even blood found on some of the linens afterward. (A picture taken at the scene shows a note attached to a trash bag that says, in Spanish, "with blood.")

Ay dios mio! Naturally, the hotel has decided to press charges against both Weilands. And if they don't already have a hotel blacklist, we are sure they are making one with Scott's name at the top.

Since TMZ didn't specify which Burbank hotel we are are forced to surmise which one it could be judging from the list of hotels in the area. At the top is the Graciela, a well-known musical hotel, which is also the most expensive one at $303 a night. After that, you get all the typical roadside and airport suspects like Best Western, Courtyard and Holiday Inn. Additionally, the big chains like Sheraton Universal and Burbank Hilton could be worthwhile for a rock star's family.

However, there is one hotel we could see the Weiland family staying in and that's the Safari Inn which "looks like a Motel 6, but it's really nice." Another review wrote this:

We chose it because of the good reviews and the fact that Lucinda Williams wrote her last album while staying here. This is like the sort of roadside motel you stayed at on family road trips in the 70's down to the cool neon sign over the little backyard size swimming pool.

So it's both a musical hotel and a place to bring the kids. Luckily the Weiland spawn were ushered out of the hotel by an assistant before the fighting got nasty. Even better the hotel boasts free WiFi, free parking and a cheap rate of about $100 a night.

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Archived Comments:

Word has it...

it is the Graciela.

A ha!

I see on TMZ the photos of the destruction and the note in Spanish was written on a Graciela notepad. However, the room didn't look as trashed as I thought it would be. They could have at least torn up some pillows!

Unnecessary tangent

Anyone remember how Scott Weiland played MTV Unplugged in a rocking chair? Oh, and he did Spring Break in a nightgown and lipstick, but I can't find a clip of it on YouTube.

Thanks Scott Weiland

Now I cant stop singing, "and i feel, i feel when the dog begins to smell her."

Re: Scott Weiland and Wife in Hotel Smackdown

I remember the rocking chair, but not the nightgown.