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2007 Must Have Amenity: iPod Docking Stations

December 31, 2007 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

This year the iPod docking station became totally ubiquitous at hotels. What was once a perk of hip boutique or tech-forward hotels, the iPod docking stations can now be found at Sheratons, Westins, and Hyatts alike. They are practically as common as hairdryers and minibars.

However, we give props to the hotels that give guests pre-loaded iPods to listen to during their stay as the Tides Zihuatanejo does. Also Gramercy Park has 10 custom playlists they created on the in-room nanos for guests but should you want a 10-finger discount, the hotel will charge you $750. At the Angler's Boutique Resort, they have bumped up their iPod docking station with hardwired surround sound.

And on the subject of iPods, a totally bogus service we discovered this year at the Sheraton Delfina is the use of a Nano for two hours for free but then for $15 each hour after that.

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