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Best Hotels For Singles

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Hotels and the single traveler go hand in hand. Every single hotel hopper has it somewhere in the front or the back of his or her head that this could be the trip where they experience a hotel hook up.

Many hotels around the world cater to the searching-for-a partner-crowd and sell it to the wanderlustfull hook, line, and sinker.

We put together our list of the most hook up friendly hotels, just in case some of you want to press the issue.

The best hotels for singles are here.

· A Brazillian Beach Hotties:
Ok, the 93 rooms at Praia Mole Village are nothing to write home about, but this mile-long beach has warm waters, plenty of beach side cafes, and a nearby surf camp that guarantees you will be afforded an opportunity to gawk at beautiful Brazillians. Yes you will need to cab to nightlife in Lagoa da Conceicao, but you will possess one of the coveted beach crash pad rooms, and who doesn't want to wake up steps from the beach? As any good sales person will tell you, gathering qualified leads is half the battle.

· Courtesan's Choice:
For years Internet legend Jet Set Lara has been enjoying the homey feel of the corner suites at the The Bryant Park Hotel in Manhattan. The dark underground bar with vaulted ceilings is the perfect foil for the hotel pick up artist, and the whole pleasure chest thing gives singles a conversation starter, at the very least.

· The Language of Love:
Newly opened Aviva Resort and Spa in Austria takes it up a notch for singles, by only selling rooms to those without attatchments. How do they know? Not sure. Since their hotel website is written entirely in German we will take their word for it. The doubles come with extra large beds, and the crowd is predominantly European. Plenty of mingling opps abound, including golf, mountain biking, pools, cinema, bars and restaurants.

· Hotel Roofie:
Kakslauttanen Hotel and Igloo Village sits in the isolation of Northern Finland, supplies you with a thick sleeping bag, and provides a sauna in each individual guest igloo. Oh, and they have 4 singles weeks a year, including "Aurora Borealis Single's Week" where they keep the house "full of singles from all over Europe". Might as well just call it Hotel Roofie, dontcha think?

Know a hotel worthy of a pick-up artist medallion? Let us know.

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My name is Tanya and I am from India, These days I have been reading on hotels

present in US, Dubai, UK etc, but did not find much information on Indian Hotels.

Since there are many good Hotels in India too, like the Conde Nast best hotel award

winner Leela Palaces, Hotels & Resorts (www.theleela.com), which is well known in

India. Now a days global well-known hotel chains are establishing themselves in

India. The hotel industry is booming in India, as a tourist destination as well as

for business.

Let me know if you post something & keep up the amazing work!

Love and Gratitude,
Tanya Lobo.

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