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Breaking News: Sean MacPherson and Eric Goode Fork Over $33mil for Hotel Riverview

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December 17, 2007 at 4:32 PM | by | ()

Sorry "Janis Joplin", you will probably never stay at the Hotel Riverview again. A well credentialed tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, just emailed us this bit of info, confirming that Sean MacPherson (above) and Eric Goode have indeed made the hotel their next project. But it might not be an easy transition as the place has long-term residents who won't want to leave.

The Riverview Hotel was purchased by Sean and Eric for approx $33.0 Million recently. The Hotel is an SRO (Single Room Occupancy), which means that none of the rooms have their own bathrooms, sinks, kitchens or even basic amenities.

The reason they are not accepting any reservations is b/c they would like to begin the process of removing any and all long term residents, most of which are homeless, drug addicts and drunks---similar to those you would find in the Whitehouse on the Bowery.

By not allowing any new "guests" they limit their risk and exposure for new problems. They will have a very difficult time removing most of the long-term stays, especially since there are strict laws prohibiting the harassment of such individuals.

Remember, MacPherson and Goode had a lot against them in opening the Bowery Hotel with a methadone clinic nearby, a knifing incident and homeless man trying to hawk a stereo for $500. But that hotel has done very well. Then again...Hotel Chelsea anyone?

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Re: Breaking News: Sean MacPherson and Eric Goode

How could they be homeless if they live in the hotel which is an SRO?  That is their home! It also costs almost $800 dollars a month to live there in rent!   Sorry but "most" are not drug addicts or drunks but"some" are.  What are you a mouthpiece for Mcpherson and Goode?

Re: Breaking News: Sean MacPherson and Eric Goode

what Idiot would make such a statement that the riverview has drug addicts and drunks, the hotel has cleaned up most if not all the deadbeats that were in their, the people in their now are good respectable people, who love the neighborhood as well, and want to be a part of it. if these 2 dudes shelled out 33mil for the riverview, they better open up their deep pockets as well and think about helping compensate the individuals in their now....

here is the truth

This comment represents and speaks for all the tenants of "the jane hotel" formally known as the " hotel riverview". Only a small percent of us are left after a year of major harassment consisting of construction,bed bugs,rats and mice. sean macphearson and eric goode do not have any regards for humane rights and that is a fact. We have had to live with that fact,but not for long