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In D.C., One W Will Replace Another

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November 29, 2007 at 1:57 PM | by | ()

Another W is coming to Washington D.C. No, don't worry George W. Bush doesn't have a son or relative with the same name and presidential aspirations.

Rather, W Hotels have announced their first W property in DC. The historic Hotel Washington (its the oldest hotel in DC!) will close down on January 1, 2008 and renovations to transform the old hotel into a standard W boutique hotel will take about a year, so says W aficionado Andrew Calvo on his blog, Passions of a Zealot.

Lately, we've been bored by W Hotels but looks like they are trying to spice up some of their nightlife offerings. Andrew writes:

The W Hotel Washington DC is incorporating a feature which I have noticed that W is beginning to implement in a lot of their new projects - a rooftop bar (off the top of my head I know the W Dallas, & W NYC Downtown has them - the NYC Downtown has two) which is something that not too many major brand hotels seem to have.

While the W Hotel DC will be across from the White House, Dubya won't be able to live near his former digs as this W won't have residences inside.

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Archived Comments:

Re: In D.C., One W Will Replace Another

The picture is of the Willard InterContinental - post renovation. The Hotel Washington is the really cheesy, yucky one to the left that you can't really see. It really needs renovation, so good to know that it is becoming a W. Plus it can claim to be 1 building closer to the White House then the Willard.

thank you!

i fixed the photo...

Re: In D.C., One W Will Replace Another

It's certainly time that the Hotel Washington received a makeover.  It's got good bones, but needs more than just a facelift.  As for a rooftop bar, however, the hotel's Roof Terrace has always had one.  it was a pity that the food and service never lived up to the incredible view.  Here's hoping that the new owners get it right this time.  

Re: In D.C., One W Will Replace Another

I for one will be sad to see the "rooftop" bar close.  It was Washington'd best kept secret.  As we all know, who were in on the secret, the rooftop was the ownned the best view in D.C. for the public and the food was casual and inexpensive, but the ambience was just perfect.  I probably agree the hotel itself needed much updating, but as hommage to the old, keep the rooftop, open, do not enclose it and bring back the wicker chairs.  I fell inlove with what I described as the porch, with the white brick walls and lanterns and the spectacular view years ago.  So to the new owner if you're reading this:  KEEP THE CHARM OF THE OLD ROOFTOP BAR!  IT REALLY WAS WASH POWER PLACE, BRING BACK THE CHARM.