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Holiday Hotels: Gingerbread Houses To Make, Play In or Stay In

November 27, 2007 at 4:42 PM | by | ()

This seems to be a popular hotel trend for the holidays--gingerbread houses. But not those little teeny ones you make in your grandma's kitchen. No, when hotels do something they do it big. Here are a few hotels around the world that go a little crazy with their gingerbread houses.

· The Hotel Viking: This Rhode Island hotel is hosting the 1st Annual Gingerbread House competition and saving the environment at the same time. Seriously.

The Hotel Viking has chosen to forgo the practice of cutting down a 35 ft. tree for their annual tree lighting service and opted for a sweeter option with less impact to the environment.

· The Lafayette Hotel: If you stop in Marietta, Ohio over the holidays, check out their gingerbread house contest.

· The Westin St. Francis: This San Fran hotel has created its Sugar Castle which requires 70 of gingerbread and 100 pounds of assorted candy.

· The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation: Similarly, this Ritz in Georgia has created a 20x15-feet gingerbread house that you can walk through.

· Atlanta Marquis Marriott: Not to be outdone this hotel allows kids to sit on Santa's lap in their lifesize gingerbread house.

· Hyatt Regency Vancouver: This hotel will have the largest gingerbread house in Vancouver.

· The Gingerbread House: This is more our style. Escape the winter cold and all that gingerbread madness to this gingerbread bed and breakfast in Trinidad.

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Now that's innovative. Though i would not want to be in a gingerbread room any other time but christmas