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25 Degrees of Separation at the Hollywood Roosevelt

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October 17, 2007 at 1:11 PM | by | ()

Burger, Interrupted

Upon our visit to the Hollywood Roosevelt last weekend, only one really good thing came out of that experience--the burger we had at the hotel's 25 Degrees restaurant. We actually went again last night to introduce our friend to this amazing burger.

Open 24 hours (dangerous!), this joint is the fourth eatery from Domaine Restaurants which also runs The Dakota inside the Roosevelt. The interior was done by Thompson Hotels pet designer Dodd Mitchell who gave the place a “Bordello meets Burger Bar” kind of look with black and chrome-mirrored tiles on the walls and with oxblood leather booths that wrap around half moon-shaped wooden tables. Adding to the cool factor are the staff's Ed Hardy t-shirts. Oh wait, that's not cool anymore.

Now onto the food. 25 Degrees serves only burgers, any kind/style/meat that you like, along with kick-ass fries and onion rings. Although we suggest ordering these fried sides in half-orders since they are huge. Plus ask for ranch dressing, you won't be sorry.


So as you can tell 25 Degrees is a total gluttonous fatty but heavenly type of eatery. The restaurant menu serves three specialty burgers for $12 a piece. #1 is the most basic but even that includes caramelized onions, bacon, arugula and big woods blue cheese. And this isn't the size of a 99-cent burger at McDonalds. We highly recommend splitting one unless you are wasted. Then you eat that bad boy all for yourself.

You can also build your own burger, picking the type of meat (sirloin, turkey or hot dog), the veggies, the cheese (and there's an astonishingly large selection) and extras like a fried egg, shitaki mushrooms, or sauerkraut.

Since this is Hollywood and a lot of the PYTs flitting about this place probably haven't touched a burger since they were like 5 years old, 25 Degrees has salads on the menu as well. But that's totally boring. Plus, munching on a juicy burger as the starved starlets are trying to get into Teddy's next door somehow made us glad there were 25 degrees of separation between us and them. Zinger!

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