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How Is Wynn Las Vegas Aging?

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October 16, 2007 at 10:28 AM | by | ()

Spending time with Wynn Las Vegas last week was like seeing an old girlfriend years later. Since we left her in the hands of the hotel mavens, shortly after her opening in 2005, we haven't spent much time thinking about Wynn -- we have moved on to what is shiny and new in 2007. After all, we had obsessed about her ad nauseam for the better part of a year leading up to her April 2005 opening. However, the sands of time have treated Wynn well.

Wynn looks great. The lobby flowers are constantly fresh, the pool area still looks as immaculate as it did on opening day, and the nightlife scene at Wynn has actually improved quite a bit since opening. No longer is Wynn full of gawking tourists and gambling degenerates looking to hit big on the loose opening slots. Wait, strike that, this is still Vegas, and there are plenty of awkward gawkers and slot addicts (by the way, what is with the constant lines for Wynn's buffet?), however, it feels different, Wynn has matured--grown up, in a good way.

We even liked our room much better than the room we had back in April 2005. Maybe it was the fact that we could easily look down and sneer at Trump's new gold tower from our vantage point, or maybe it was the service, which was timely, classy, and improved. All this made it much easier to put up with the salmon colored walls and the in-room Florida feel. However, we think we cracked the code to getting an acceptable entry level room at Wynn -- request a room as close to the Tower Suites as you can. Don't ask, just do -- trust us.

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I just got back from a stay at the Wynn hotel and resort. Very classy joint, Loved the decor. Got my room at a really good rate at Las Vegas Cheap Hotels