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How is Hotel Vitale Aging?

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October 15, 2007 at 10:27 AM | by | ()

Last week we made our triumphant return to San Francisco's Hotel Vitale. Long time readers may remember we followed this hotel through most of its ground up construction and opening back in 2005. Soon thereafter, this hotel became one of our all time favorite hotels. So how is Vitale holding up some two and a half years later? Excellent we think.

Last week's stay at Vitale did not involve a circular suite, and yes, staying in one of the non-view rooms is a bit different, however, the hotels service and overall comfort is still easily recognizable. Besides, we ended up just a few doors down from the fifth floor terrace, where WiFi reached, allowing us to work with a bridge view. The terrace ended up feeling like our own personal balcony, so I guess what we are saying is if you can't go circular suite, get a room on the fifth floor near the terrace.

Any disappointments? Yes, actually. The hotels fitness room is tiny. You would expect a hotel that preaches "vitality" not to skimp on the fitness room, especially with the steady group of creative business travelers that grace its halls, however, Vitale could definitely use a fitness room redux. Even the most youthful looking hotels could use a bit of botox after a couple years of wear, don't you think?

Hey, if that is our only complaint you know this place is holding up. Besides, you can always run along the Embarcadero, or just sloth it in SF for a night or two and avoid working out all together.

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Re: How is Hotel Vitale Aging?

The only problem with that workspace is that the TV is right above the desk. So no watching the tube while you work.