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HotelChatter Guide to Loyalty Programs:: Kimpton InTouch Rewards

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Until recently we thought hotel loyalty programs were for Account Executives rolling their business travel points into a family vacation at a bland resort every year or two. However, funny thing happened when we started investigating these programs -- we found some of them are downright useful if you know how to cut through the red tape. This series is meant as a jumping off point to full fledged discussions on each loyalty program we feature. So comment, contribute, question, and cajole here.

Today we move on to Kimpton Hotels, which is actually one of the few small boutique chains to offer a loyalty program. But because this chain is small compared to Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, etc, the rewards are strictly kept within Kimpton and there are no outside partners.



WEBSITE: Kimpton InTouch.

MEMBER BENEFITS: Benefits include creating a personal profile so that whenever you check into a Kimpton they will know your preferences for room types, pillow types and newspaper preferences. You will also receive special welcome amenities upon check-in that are unique to that hotel's location. And we know that you get guaranteed free WiFi.

BOOKING BASICS: FAQs listed here show you how to book, redeem and earn points. Note: Remember that booking through third-party sites does not count.

PHONE: 888-695-4678.

Sadly, Kimpton has no partners.



REWARDS: A complimentary one-night stay for every seven eligible visits or 20 eligible nights at Kimpton Hotels. Guests who stay 15 times or 45 nights in a calendar year attain Inner Circle Elite status, which comes with perks, including direct access to Kimpton’s CEO. members get access Fairmont keeps on the side.

WHAT WE LIKED: The emphasis on service and getting to know the customer. This is a genuine frequent guest program, not the green stamps, the more-the-merrier approach (which has its merits). Starting this year, members can carry their stay tallies into the next year, but they expire after two years. Previously, it was use ‘em or lose ‘em at the end of the calendar year. We noted the straightforward explanations on website.

FINE PRINT:Non-participating properties currently include, but are not limited to, the Tuscan Inn, Old Town Hotel, and Westwood on Wilshire. Some blackout dates may apply for InTouch members, none for Inner Circle Elite members.

Have a InTouch question? Have advice for fellow Kimpton Hotel groupies? Do tell.

Research compiled by HotelChatter's Barbara Benham.

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