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Four Points Chief Beer Officer Position Still Open

January 3, 2007 at 11:21 AM | by | ()

Two months ago, Sheraton's Four Points hotel chain put out calls for a Chief  Beer Officer, essentially a person who would travel the country testing out beers at beer festivals and overseeing the hotel's new beer progam, Best Brews, as a part-time gig.

And amazingly, the position has yet to be filled. So in case, one of your New Year's Eve resolutions was to "Find New Job" then you may as well cast your net here.

Yet, we hate to burst your newly found self-esteem (Resolution #3: Learn to Love Self), this job is still in hot demand. Four Points  reports that over 5,000 applicants from 31 countries want to be a CBO.

MBAs (both Masters of Business and Beer Administration), self-proclaimed beer snobs, certified beer judges, beer journalists and hundreds who have traveled the globe in search of the world's best brews have all applied for the position.  Over 50 percent of applicants have brewed their own beer and, surprisingly, five percent claim to have served as a beer mascot (which could make the interview process quite interesting!).

Our money is on Four Points hiring a female CBO. The folks over there say that while only 10 percent of the applicants were women, they all managed to score near perfect on the beer knowledge application test. We have to wonder, does the term "Beer Goggles" make it anywhere on to that application?

For more about the job and the actual application, hit up the Four Points Chief Beer Officer web site.

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