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Inside the SuperClubs Hedonism II

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  Site Where: Norman Manley Boulevard | PO Box 25, Negril, Jamaica
January 24, 2007 at 3:01 PM | by | ()

Today's Hump Day has been especially difficult for us to get through. We keep wondering when 5pm will get here and to be honest, we are quite bored with Hotel Hype, Hotel Construction and Hotel Amenities. It's like, Nicky Hilton please do something with your hotel already!

So when we have days like this we like to search TripAdvisor for random search terms, like "Naked People." Ok so maybe this  search was a bit more calculated than we had intended.

Either way, searching "Naked People" on TA gives you several reviews from SuperClubs Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. Already the name sounds like a sequel to a bad 80s movie and indeed, this could very well be a bad 80s movie if you didn't know what SuperClubs Hedonism was about. Let us let this one guest describe it for you:

It was a lot of fun watching naked people play games and enjoy themselves not even thinking how they look with no clothes on. The theme nights were interesting and it gave people something unique to do so being involved is important. If you decide you want to get freaky at any moment day or night you have that freedom. If you want people to watch you, join in, or help out in whatever you may desire you have that option too. Hedonism is a place that you go to fulfill your fantasies without the descrimination or simply to relax without having to worry about what you look like naked in the sun.

For the sexually adventurous Hedonism could be an different type of hotel getaway to try out, perhaps even for Valentine's Day. Except for this part:

It was like watching a porn movie titled "Over 50 and going strong"

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