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National Enquirer's Trusty Chateau Marmont Source Strikes Again

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January 19, 2007 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

Mentioning the Chateau Marmont earlier in the Heard Around the Hotel World story, prompted us to check in on the National Enquirer's column Hollywood After Dark which is almost always full of items of celebs at the legendary Lindsay Lohan residence.

In the name of research and research only, we have begun picking up the National Enquirer on a weekly basis. This is merely to serve you better and has nothing to do whatsoever with our perverted curiosity about Katie Holmes' latest role as a Scientology Stepford wife.

Anyways, last week was a total bust because there were only two items mentioning the CM. But the National Enquirer's paid source must have been on holiday because this week the column comes back to life with a whopping 7 of 10 items about celebrities at the CM.

Here is the full round-up. For those of you at home following along, please flip to page 14 of the January 29, 2007 issue. We have:

· Sienna Miller eating "looking absolutely beautiful" on Jan. 8.
· Lindsay Lohan (pre-rehab of course) the same day cursing at the valet because it was taking too long.
· Borat was there on Jan. 9 with fiancee Isla Fisher having dinner. Apparently Sacha Baron Cohen is way better-looking in real life.
· Nicky Hilton leaving the ladies room and bumping into a waiter without apologizing.
· Jennifer Connelly leaving the hotel's lobby with friends, looking "fantastic".
· Molly Shannon was there too having drinks with a male friend, conversation was described as "serious."
· Jan. 9 was a big day because M. Night Shyamalan was also there at dinner, looking "dark and mysterious."

In our brief analysis of the items here, most of which involve food and drink, we think the National Enquirer's paid source is either a waiter or a bartender who is either dating or is good friends with a valet staffer.

Then again, we wouldn't put it past the National Enquirer to store somebody in a vent above the dining room.

Got a hint as to who might be doing the NE's dirty work? Better yet, are you the tabloid's Deep Throat? Let us know and we'll post your comments.

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