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Waldorf-Astoria Wants to Live in 90210

January 19, 2007 at 11:22 AM | by | Comments (0)

Beverly Hills is one of the few cities in America where they are practically no budget hotel options. It's all luxury properties from the Beverly Wilshire to the Beverly Hills Hotel.

And it's only going to keep getting more luxe.

The IHT reports that the Waldorf-Astoria collection is coming to town, but fortunately it won't require much construction. The Waldorf (which is part of Hilton Hotels) will take over the existing Beverly Hilton (where the recent Golden Globes was held)

The 120-room Waldorf-Astoria hotel is planned as part of a $500 million long-term project to revitalize the Beverly Hilton's nine-acre hotel property, executives from the two companies said Thursday. Long term plans for the property...will feature 4.5 acres (1.82 hectares) of gardens and open space, as well as a public art collection, they said.

But don't get your silk boxers in a bunch just yet. The hotel's new renovations still need approval from the city. Since the hotel sits on what is arguably the worst intersection on the west side and with the planned apartment buildings next to the hotel, residents are worried about all the traffic this new building will bring.

We have an idea. Why don't they tear down one of those late-80s hotel on the beach in Santa Monica (Le Merigot and Loews--we're talking to you) and build there?

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