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Hot Hotelier News: New Kid on the Block Ben Bethel

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September 21, 2006 at 10:41 AM | by | ()

There's a new hotelier on the scene in Arizona and unlike some hoteliers, he's not relying on Daddy to get himself started. But that also doesn't mean he's been slaving away in the hospitality industry either.

Ben Bethel has no real hotel experience. Instead he dropped out of the University of Arizona because he felt he could do more with his "natural skills" than an advertising degree.

So he bought the Phoenix Clarendon Hotel + Suites with two partners in 2004 and later transformed it from a crackden/streetwalker haven into a boutique hotel.

In a recent Q&A interview with the Arizona Republic, Bethel dishes the detes on his job. Some choice quotes:

· I didn't know much about the hospitality industry when I bought the Clarendon, but I found my calling and true passion in life.

· I want people to come to the Clarendon and feel like they're somewhere different and not thrown into some cubicle to be stored for the night.

· I believe that hotels have to pay competitive wages to retain employees. If the Clarendon does well and makes money, all of my employees receive monthly bonuses.

· That's how true boutique hotels should operate: They pay much higher than larger hotels, and employees are treated like family, not just another warm body.

· I'm in the process of buying out a business partner.

That's the latest on Ben. Nothing too juicy, except maybe that last bit about buying out a business partner and his website, but that seems to be down today. We suggest also getting your image into Google surrounded by lots of blondes to up your profile.

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